How to Write the Perfect Holiday Letter

In an era when we are (whether we like it or not) updated on the lives of our friends and family minute by minute, the idea of writing a letter might seem unnecessary.

Holiday-Photo-and-Letter-Card-Written-Letter-blogLiving in a stream-happy society is fun. It’s exciting. It helps us miss our loved ones who live far away a little less. But there are still occasions when sending a text message or posting on someone’s wall just isn’t enough. The holidays is one of those occasions, and the holiday letter is one of those traditions that helps us remember the power of the written (or at least typed) word.

We’ve put together five tips on how to craft the perfect holiday letter. Happy writing!

Make a timeline. Travel back in time and outline all the major events of the year. Be sure to ask your spouse and children for their input as well — you might not remember a soccer goal, but your daughter who scored it certainly will.
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The Making Of: Our 2012 Holiday Photo Cards

When we decided to design our first digital holiday photo card collection last season, the idea was to offer options that kept to our high craftsmanship standards. Even though digitally printed, we wanted our Enthusiasts to feel confident that they were still sending Crane & Co. A pleasing-to-the-touch card stock and classic design accomplished that task quite nicely, we thought.

plaid red and green photo card inspiration

This year, we’re holding true to those standards while upping our design game, offering five new collections, each inspired by our classic aesthetic yet possessing its own distinct palette.

“As we sat down to design the 2013 Digital Holiday Collection,” recalls VP of Creative and Product Development Rachel V. Ivey, “we wanted to capture the many ways to express your personality, knowing that the photograph should really steal the show.”

silver holiday photo cards

With that said, our hope is that we’ve created designs that delight as well as compliment every picture worth gracing a photo card.

  • Tartan Tidings

red plaid holiday photo card

Red, green, gold and cranberry, along with a touch of the deep blues and greens of a Black Watch pattern, make this collection a classic holiday.

  • Vintage Cheer

Classic holiday imagery is combined with pinks and bright greens inspired by old time confectionary icons to give an added pop of color to traditional reds and greens.

  • Silver Linings

The primary color is silver with accents of red and green throughout. The silver is reminiscent of the glistening snow and makes a great accent for that great winter photograph.

  • Yule Jewel

Inspired by rich jewel tones, Yule Jewel pulls together a collection of these vibrant gems — emeralds, rubies, sapphires and garnets — to create dazzling holiday designs.

  • New Year’s

new year's eve holiday photo cardWe intended to capture the design elements in silver and gold to mimic the sparkle of a New Year’s Eve celebration. The designs in this grouping echo this glimmering color palette.

But wait, there’s more! Our entire digital photo card collection is available online and through your local retailer.

Need more holiday photo card suggestions or etiquette tips? Email our Crane Concierge at

How To Take the Perfect Holiday Photo Card Picture

By Amie Otto, Photographer Extraordinaire

As the temperature drops, our thoughts inevitably turn to the holidays. The decorations, the family dinners and then the stress creeps in… it’s time for another holiday photo for your card! Relax, it’s not as hard as it may seem. Gather the family, find a photographer and remember these elements that make a great family photo.

Family photos should have a sense of connection. Typically, this is through touching: holding hands, hugging, leaning on one another. But sometimes it can be as simple as a look between the parents.

ami otto family portrait

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The Picture Perfect Holiday Photo Card Contest: Meet the Judges

We searched high and low for experts to judge our Picture Perfect Holiday Photo Card Contest. Experts who would know a great holiday photo when they saw one and critique with a discerning eye by asking the hard questions. Does everyone actually look happy? Is anyone wearing a South Park t-shirt? Does it look like there’s a tree growing out of dad’s head? Our esteemed panel includes an etiquette guru, a kid-savvy editor, a photographer extraordinaire and a paper connoisseur. Let’s meet them, shall we? Continue reading

New Holiday Photo Cards: Editor’s Picks

It’s almost that time of year. The time when your refrigerator door disappears behind the wallpaper of holiday photo cards sent by cousins, friends and colleagues who think their baby/pet/significant other is just the cutest.

And, well, they certainly are.

Crane & Co. knows this, and so this year we have a special new batch of digital holiday photo card designs that reflect the same bespoke luxury Crane & Co. is known for, but with a delightfully fresh spin. Like snowflakes, no two are alike, and like children, we could never love one more than the other.

With that said, we do have a few we’d love to share to get you in the holiday (and shopping!) spirit.

We fell in love with the photo card above for so many reasons. First, the z-fold style gives us room for a little more of everything — more pictures, more words, more space on the mantle (grandma will be happy).

Second, the minimalist design (see a picture of the front below) lets your images take center stage. And, well, if you’re like us, taking a great photo worth featuring in a holiday card is hard work. So, by all means, celebrate it.

Finally, what we love most about this particular holiday photo card is the recipe idea . Anyone can say ‘Happy Holidays,’ but adding something so personal — and something they can keep forever — is a lovely gesture.