How to Write the Perfect Holiday Letter

In an era when we are (whether we like it or not) updated on the lives of our friends and family minute by minute, the idea of writing a letter might seem unnecessary.

Holiday-Photo-and-Letter-Card-Written-Letter-blogLiving in a stream-happy society is fun. It’s exciting. It helps us miss our loved ones who live far away a little less. But there are still occasions when sending a text message or posting on someone’s wall just isn’t enough. The holidays is one of those occasions, and the holiday letter is one of those traditions that helps us remember the power of the written (or at least typed) word.

We’ve put together five tips on how to craft the perfect holiday letter. Happy writing!

Make a timeline. Travel back in time and outline all the major events of the year. Be sure to ask your spouse and children for their input as well — you might not remember a soccer goal, but your daughter who scored it certainly will.
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How to Write a Letter to Santa

hand engraved presents greeting cardIt’s true that every letter one sends should be written earnestly and with importance. After all, while status updates tend to capture the commonalities of everyday life — a particularly delightful lunch, cheeky cat videos — a letter reports the thoughts, milestones and stories that have accumulated over time.

However, there is one letter every year that is written with especially particular focus and purpose to a very influential older gentleman: Santa Claus.

It is a letter that must recall with influential detail the benevolence, impeccable behavior and overall good nature one has exuded over the past year. At the same time, it requests something (or, in most cases, many things) of the recipient, who is given a very specific deadline to fulfill said requests.

We recognize the gravitas that is the Letter to Santa, and so below are our tips on how to write the perfect letter to everyone’s favorite red-suited shopkeeper.

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Golden Years: Grandparents Day Gift Ideas

Grandparents Day is just around the corner (September 9th, to be exact), so in honor of Grammy, Pop-pop, Nana, Grampy and Mee-maw, here are our favorite gifts for the people who always seem to have an abundance of affection and baked goods ready when you arrive.

  • For the Senior Socialite

Bridge night. Cocktails at the Elk’s Lodge. Your birthday. For the grandparents with the oh so active social calendar, a personalized 2013 agenda is a perfect gift. Pencil in dinner reservations at their favorite restaurant — which you made ahead of time, of course — for an extra hug.

personalized calling card

The grandchildren are always welcome — when Grammy and Pop-pop aren’t attending a social at the club or squeezing in 18 before Sunday brunch. They’re always in the market for a few good friends, and so calling cards would be a wonderfully welcome gift.
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The Making Of: Our New Americana Collection

In this edition of The Making Of, we take a look at yet another one of our new collections (my, our design team has been busy).

Patriot meets pen in a premier collection celebrating all things red, white and blue. We’re calling it — drum roll, pleaseAmericana. And what better time to launch it than while we’re all dreaming of fireworks and BBQs?

First, there was Inspiration.

americana stationery collection inspiration“This collection came together as I was going over the archives,” recalls VP of Creative & Product Development Rachel V. Ivey. “I noticed that Crane was present for every Presidency. With an election approaching, developing a collection that celebrates our country was a pleasure.”

Next, the team thought about Americana’s target customer, and came up with three types:

  • The Classic American, who loves rich history.
  • The Proud American, who isn’t afraid to wear her U.S.A. love on her sleeve.
  • The Young American, who is learning how to become more involved in his country.

Finally, it was time to think design.

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Holiday Gifts for Everyone On Your List

As much as you love giving the gift of beautifully crafted paper every holiday season, you like to keep them on their tinsel toes. Which is why we’ve curated a very tailored collection of non-paper gifts we thought our Enthusiasts might just love. The hostess, the children’s French instructor, your favorite postal employee — we like to think we’ve thought of everyone. Here are a few ideas to get those gift-giving wheels turning.

jonathan adler blue playing cards

  • For The Player

Bridge club. Poker. Or just Go Fish with the kids. For the loved one who is always up for a game and can shuffle like no one’s business, these vibrant Jonathan Adler playing cards are a trick, an ace and a royal flush all in one.
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New Holiday Photo Cards: Editor’s Picks

It’s almost that time of year. The time when your refrigerator door disappears behind the wallpaper of holiday photo cards sent by cousins, friends and colleagues who think their baby/pet/significant other is just the cutest.

And, well, they certainly are.

Crane & Co. knows this, and so this year we have a special new batch of digital holiday photo card designs that reflect the same bespoke luxury Crane & Co. is known for, but with a delightfully fresh spin. Like snowflakes, no two are alike, and like children, we could never love one more than the other.

With that said, we do have a few we’d love to share to get you in the holiday (and shopping!) spirit.

We fell in love with the photo card above for so many reasons. First, the z-fold style gives us room for a little more of everything — more pictures, more words, more space on the mantle (grandma will be happy).

Second, the minimalist design (see a picture of the front below) lets your images take center stage. And, well, if you’re like us, taking a great photo worth featuring in a holiday card is hard work. So, by all means, celebrate it.

Finally, what we love most about this particular holiday photo card is the recipe idea . Anyone can say ‘Happy Holidays,’ but adding something so personal — and something they can keep forever — is a lovely gesture.