Thank You Note Etiquette: How to be Wonderfully Gracious on Paper

Thank You NoteMy, what lovely loot. Now that the wrapping paper has been cleared, it’s time to thank everyone who wrote your name on a gift tag.

Here are our etiquette tips on how to craft the perfect Thank You Note.

Say it with style. Your Thank You Notes should reflect your aesthetic, whether it’s classic, romantic, minimalist or modern. The recipient of said note should know who it’s from even before he/she reads a word.

Be gracious in a timely manner. Thank You Notes should be sent out as soon as possible after you receive the gift. One to two weeks is the sweet spot, as your note should be a thoughtful gesture, not a reminder for what was given.

Give credit where credit is due. Make sure to address your Thank You Note to the person or persons who gave you the gift. If the gift was signed from your friend and her husband, your note should address both individuals (even if you know she “did all the work”). Everyone likes to feel appreciated, after all.

Name drop. Mention the gift you received by name. It may seem like a small detail, but in an era of generic, automated emails, it’s nice to receive something that is personalized just for you.

Go the extra descriptive mile. Everyone hopes that the gift they give isn’t going to collect dust, destined for the Goodwill bag when Spring Cleaning comes around. Prevent such worry with a sentence or two about how/when/where you might use the gift and how excited you are to do so.

Let’s practice, shall we?

Dear Lindsay, Jeff and Gabriel,

Thank you so much for the gorgeous silk Hermes scarf. You know my taste so well! I can’t wait to wear it out to dinner with Barrett, it really is the perfect accessory for a lovely night out in the city. I hope all is well, much love to you all.


8 thoughts on “Thank You Note Etiquette: How to be Wonderfully Gracious on Paper

  1. Great suggestions, but let’s get the punctuation right! There should be a semicolon between “Barrett” and “it’s”; like this sentence, it’s made up of two independent clauses. What this note includes is called a “comma splice.”

  2. Freda, you should proofread your comment first before criticizing someone else’s. You misspelled “Barrett.” And by the way, who cares about incorekt speling and punktuation. Get a life and enjoy this article for the information and not the grammar. 🙂

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