Ten Rules for Letter Writing by Micheal Kovacs

  1. Write letters.
  2. Letters are a conversation in slow motion between two people. Treat it as such.
  3. No one HAS to write back. If they do, it is a gift. Respect it as such.
  4. No one can tell you how to write. Conversely, you are not allowed to tell anyone how they should be writing you.
  5. Write letters.
  6. You must make the choice between what you choose more: content or presentation.
  7. If someone does not write back, send a postcard asking how they are doing and if they got the letter. If there is no reply, respect the silence and keep going on with life.
  8. To quote Charles Bukowski, as the spirit wanes, the form rises. You are not obliged to follow any strict form in personal letter writing. If you wish to do so fine, but that is a personal choice.
  9. Unless otherwise stated or understood, letters are between the sender and reader. Respect that privacy.
  10. Oh yeah, did I mention WRITE LETTERS!

Michael Kovacs is a writer, musician, composer,author, and artist. He has performed in venues from New York City to San Francisco to the island of Malta and beyond. One
of his areas of focus is personal letter writing, and he has given seminars on this art at pen shows all across the country. His book, “Not the Yearbook You Expected” is on Amazon and his catalogue of music is available on iTunes and CDBaby.

For more from Michael Kovacs, you can follow him on Twitter and read more of his work on his blog Songs in the Key of the Ink: The Art of Personal Letter Writing. 




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