Our Favorite Tricks for Using Stationery in Your Home Decor


Via Crane & Co

After the invites have all been sent out and the thank yous are in the mail, what’s to become of all that leftover pretty paper? Throw it away? Not if these projects have anything to say about it!

Paper is actually a pretty versatile material for home decor—and reusing it helps you reclaim materials that would otherwise be sent straight to the landfill. And if you’re already using an ecofriendly product, such as paper made from 100 percent recovered cotton, your projects will have double impact, with the extra bonus of beautifying your home, of course!

The best part is, you don’t have to be an origami master with years of paper folding experience on your crafting resume in order to use it in your decor. These simple projects can add a delicate note of interest to a boring wall or provide a basket of roses that will never wither and die. So break out the scissors and let’s get folding!


Via Capitol Romance

A Pocketful of Posies

Paper flowers have been a DIY staple for years, but with the rise of Pinterest tutorials and blog articles, users have concocted some truly fantastic creations that look just like the real thing—maybe even better, since paper roses will never wilt! This tutorial uses watercolors to perfectly nail the pale pink hues of real live roses, while this one produces stylized florals that look like they were pulled from an illustrator’s idle doodles. For extra attractive petals that are naturally beautiful, use letter sheets in a delicate hue, like ecru or pearl white.


Via Classic Play

Easy Paper Wreath

When you pull out the scissors and crafting supplies, kids are going to want to get in on the action, and with this fun project they can! It includes some hand-colored pieces that make the whole process like dying Easter eggs—and keep little hands busy, while you get a brilliant and triumphant wreath out of the deal.


Via Twitter

Cute-as-a-button Custom Mobile

Speaking of kiddos, if you have some moms-to-be on your gift list, you’ll appreciate this guide that will help you turn stationery scraps into pure baby shower gold. While any paper type will do, for the ultimate gift, select paper with the highest craftsmanship, such as Crane’s hand-engraved correspondence cards. This is one gift you won’t need to worry about returning!


Via Lia Griffith

Paper Succulent Garden

Super-trendy succulent gardens have the power to make any home appear as though it was transported straight from an Anthropologie display, but unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with a thumb green enough to make it happen. Thankfully, this paper succulent project never needs any watering—and it looks real enough to make you do a double take!


Via Gathering Beauty

Delicate paper boxes

During the Victorian era, it was customary for a woman to keep a “work box”—a place to store spare buttons, beads, and other bric-a-brac. These timeless paper boxes are the modern equivalent. They make a lovely home for safety pins, jewelry, or any other item that’s worth storing, and can be pressed into service as a delicate gift box for peak confectionery splendor.

There’s definitely no shortage of awesome stationery projects to try. The only hard part now is deciding which one to do first!


Via Mr.Printables

Geometric Origami Ice Cream

Not into botanicals? Not to worry—paper projects have something for everyone! This one teaches you how to construct ice cream origami for a geometric wall hanging that’s super sweet. I love how the boxy shapes make these look like they were snatched straight from an 80s video game!

There’s definitely no shortage of awesome stationery projects to try. The only hard part now is deciding which one to do first!

Created by Erin Vaughan 

Erin Vaughan is a blogger, gardener and aspiring homeowner.  She currently resides in Austin, TX where she writes full time for Modernize.com, with the goal of empowering homeowners with the expert guidance and educational tools they need to take on big home projects with confidence.



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