Must-Have Day-Of Wedding Accessories

Your wedding stationery doesn’t stop when you order your invitations (though, we do admit, that is the most fun part). Day of accessories help tie the event you have been planning for a long time together. They carry the theme of the invitation through to the actual event. Below we’ve included a handful of the most popular items brides order for their wedding ceremony and reception.

Within the Ribbon Card
Cards reading “Within the ribbon” inform ushers that guests should be seated in special sections identified by a ribbon or cord.


Wedding Program
The design of your wedding program should complement your invitation but not necessarily match it. The program should inform your guests of the order of events for the ceremony, who the participants are and any other special notes regarding the reception or other wedding-related information. They may also include expressions of gratitude to parents and guests as well as acknowledgement of a deceased loved one.


Table Card
Table cards and envelopes are efficient tools for directing your guests to their appointed seats. Placed in the entryway to the reception hall, the envelopes have your guests’ names written on them. Inside the envelope, the card has the appropriate table number written on it. When it is time to be seated, the guests open the envelope with their names on it and head to the table indicated on the card.


Place Card
When they arrive at their tables, your guests will notice place cards at each place setting. The place cards have just your guests’ title and last name written on them. However, in situations where there is more than one “Mrs. Smith” seated at a table, first names are added to avoid any possible confusion. Place cards are small cards, usually in a stock, color and style that match the wedding set or the theme of the event. A small monogram or duogram may appear at the top of the place cards.


Menu Card
As the name suggests, menu cards list the menu items being served. The menu is listed in the center of the card. If wine is served, wines are listed alongside their appropriate courses. As with place cards, a monogram or duogram may appear at the top of the cards. Menu cards always match the place cards. For small receptions, the are often handwritten.


If you still have questions about day of accessories, please don’t hesitate to contact the Crane Concierge at

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