The Three Most Essential Stationery Wardrobe Pieces

Some say the clothes make the man. We like to say stationery makes the man. And woman, of course. There are many types of stationery you can include in your stationery wardrobe, but below are the three pieces we consider the essentials.

Correspondence Card
The correspondence card is a flat card that can be used for everything from notes of thanks to follow-ups after networking. We recommend an ecru or white paper color with one’s full name or monogram printed at the top. Contact information such as email address and/or phone number can also be included.

IMG_7924Your font and ink color should reflect your personal style, however keep in mind that these design elements should be versatile enough for personal and professional correspondence alike.

Calling Card
The calling card is similar in size to a business card and most often used in both social and networking situations to pass along your contact information. Calling cards can, in addition to white and ecru, be printed on colored stock. Navy and grey are both nice choices.

navy calling cardLike your correspondence card, your font and ink color should reflect your personal style—however keep in mind that this stationery will often be given in a professional context. 

Paper Sheets
Quality paper sheets, both personalized and blank, are always good to have on hand, as they can be used for everything from resumes to letters.

381SHBoth ecru and white are acceptable color choices. Always choose a conservative, easy-to-read font and ink color.

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