Golden Years: Grandparents Day Gift Ideas

Grandparents Day is just around the corner (September 9th, to be exact), so in honor of Grammy, Pop-pop, Nana, Grampy and Mee-maw, here are our favorite gifts for the people who always seem to have an abundance of affection and baked goods ready when you arrive.

  • For the Senior Socialite

Bridge night. Cocktails at the Elk’s Lodge. Your birthday. For the grandparents with the oh so active social calendar, a personalized 2013 agenda is a perfect gift. Pencil in dinner reservations at their favorite restaurant — which you made ahead of time, of course — for an extra hug.

personalized calling card

The grandchildren are always welcome — when Grammy and Pop-pop aren’t attending a social at the club or squeezing in 18 before Sunday brunch. They’re always in the market for a few good friends, and so calling cards would be a wonderfully welcome gift.

  • For the Savvy Sentimental

glass block picture frameNana’s house gives the National Gallery a run for its money when it comes to framed images in one space. While you can’t get enough of her peach pie, she can’t get enough of photos of you. Pick a favorite and place it a handsome glass frame, like this one from Simon Pearce.

Nan and Pa loved the photo of the twins waterskiing you emailed them. Memories are so much more, well, memorable when they’re not in a desktop folder. The coffee table is where they should be, and we like to think a lovely photo album in a bright hue is the perfect way to present them.

  • For the Constant Corresponder

Friends, family, the mail carrier, the hairdresser, the golf pro. Granny and Poppy are quite the gracious duo (a trait you’re thankful was handed down), which is why a new box of personalized stationery is always the perfect present.

Birthdays. Holidays. Graduations. Weddings. Babies. Grandparents take pen to paper quite often (and we’re so happy they do). Give them the gift of great ink in the form of their new favorite pen.

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