Christmas in July: Gift Ideas for (Almost) Everyone on Your List

Dear Christmas,

Though we are thoroughly enjoying the beach and afternoon treats of the frozen variety, we simply can’t wait for snowmen and partridges in pear trees. In the meantime, we’ll start preparing for your arrival.

Love & Letters,

Crane & Co.

It goes without saying, but the holidays and gifts are two of our favorite things here at Crane & Co. Luckily, the time to enjoy both will be here before we know it. In celebration of Christmas in July, and because getting an early start on one’s holiday shopping is always a good thing, here are our picks for everyone on your list.

Stocking Stuffers for the Staff
It is said that the best gift is an item one would never buy for his/herself. Personalized stationery is (all too) often one of those items. For the boss, a set of personalized note cards for her dedicated employees is certainly the perfect way to express genuine gratitude.

personalized correspondence cards

Perfect Gifts for the Perfect Gift
Baby’s first Christmas is quite the big deal. For Santa, it means the joyous addition of another name to the ever-growing list. For parents, it means an extra special season boasting an extra number of presents under the tree. We’ve put much thought and care into our curated collection of baby gifts, which is why we’re quite certain you’ll find something absolutely perfect.

baby giftsNew Trimmings for the Tree
A new ornament (or two) every year is a tree tradition we adore. Just like families, individuals and love all grow, so should your collection of Frasier Fir-adorning baubles.

Holiday Cards Yule Love
With a hot toddy in hand, the scent of cookies baking in the air and Handel’s Messiah playing in the background, writing our holiday cards gets us in the sprit of the season like nothing else. Stocking up now on new designs lets that delightful anticipation build just a little bit longer.

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