Post Script: Jackie Brown, Monogram Artist

Like chocolate and peanut butter or Fred and Ginger, stationery and monograms just work perfectly together. Making sure that they do is our resident monogram artist, Jackie Brown.

Whether you’re into swirly or straight, diminutive or daring, she can turn initials into works of art. A monogram, after all, is the ultimate expression of individuality. So it made sense, then, that we get personal about, well, getting personal.

When did your interest in the monogram begin?
My interest in monograms began shortly after being hired by Crane. I was hoping to develop an art-based career. I found such an opportunity in making monograms. Monograms allowed me to become creative, thereby making them my art.

What is your favorite step in the process of written correspondence?
Finding the right paper and expressing your thoughts via the written word. To me this is a very sincere form of communication.

If you could be pen pals with anyone in history, to whom would you write and what would you say?
I would write to a family matriarch from previous generations and tell them how the family has grown and developed.

Describe the most memorable letter or postcard you have ever received.
Every written note is memorable because people actually took the time to write instead of sending a quick electronic message. This form of communication is very thoughtful and seems to be getting lost in today’s electronic world. 

What makes a particular letter stand out from a stack of cards?
I like to look at the quality of the paper it is written on. This adds to the thoughtfulness of the message. 

Do you have a favorite stamp or stamp series?
I like all the subject-specific stamps. They are subtle messages that add to the quality of the correspondence.

What is your favorite product created by Crane & Co.?
Monograms, of course!

personalized note cardWhat do you think classic correspondence will look like in a decade or two?
There most likely will be increased forms of electronic messaging, but the handwritten word will not be lost. It will become known as the most genuine form of communication.

The most memorable monogram you’ve ever created?
Every monogram I make is important to me because I am creating personal art for the customer.

Have a monogram question for Jackie? Email us at

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