The Making Of: Our New Americana Collection

In this edition of The Making Of, we take a look at yet another one of our new collections (my, our design team has been busy).

Patriot meets pen in a premier collection celebrating all things red, white and blue. We’re calling it — drum roll, pleaseAmericana. And what better time to launch it than while we’re all dreaming of fireworks and BBQs?

First, there was Inspiration.

americana stationery collection inspiration“This collection came together as I was going over the archives,” recalls VP of Creative & Product Development Rachel V. Ivey. “I noticed that Crane was present for every Presidency. With an election approaching, developing a collection that celebrates our country was a pleasure.”

Next, the team thought about Americana’s target customer, and came up with three types:

  • The Classic American, who loves rich history.
  • The Proud American, who isn’t afraid to wear her U.S.A. love on her sleeve.
  • The Young American, who is learning how to become more involved in his country.

Finally, it was time to think design.

“As we design for Crane, it is the heritage that guides us, but it’s also an opportunity to be modern,” Ivey said. “As an American company still producing in the United States, this Americana collection boasts a design for every generation.”

An embossed George Washington was nipped and tucked to perfection…

george washington americana stationery card

Envelope liner color for the Peace Note were checked…

And press proofs were reviewed…

 Finally, inspiration became creation…

americana stationery cards collection

1. Forever in Peace Card. 2. & 10. Party Animals Card. 3. Red State Card. 4. Regal Eagle Card. 5. George Washington Card. 6. Land of the Free Card. 7. Blue State Card. 8. Star Spangled Card. 9. Made in America Card. 11. Every Heart Beats True Card.

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