Let’s Race! Kentucky Derby-Inspired Stationery

Kentucky Derby stationery and giftsAh, the smell of freshly cut grass, mint julips and, well, that equine fragrance only a rider can love. The Kentucky Derby is this weekend, and we can’t wait to don our favorite hat, fresh from the milliner.

In celebration of all things equestrian, here are our few of our favorite Derby-inspired picks surely to land in your winner’s circle:

1) Leather iPad Sleeve in Dark Brown
The handsome leather of this iPad sleeve reminds us of a most prized saddle, only befitting of the fastest stallion. 4G on 4 legs, if you will.

2) Hand-Bordered Stirrup & Crop Notes
A leather boot, slipping into shiny brass, followed by a gentle nudge to the haunches. You’re off to the races. Or, at least the trails. Consider this the perfect note to request a day at the stables. Let’s ride, shall we?

3) Brass Letter Opener with a Cognac Leather Sheath
We like to picture this letter opener sitting atop great-grandfather’s mahogany writing desk, where you now receive invitations to the most coveted Derby soirees.

4) Hand-Engraved Horseshoe Notes
Clothes may make the man, but it’s his shoes that take him. Same applies to the stateliest of steeds, which is why we adore this elegantly engraved horseshoe note. The recipient of which should feel quite lucky.

5) Hand-Bordered Hat & Crop Notes
When it comes to your social calendar, you’re more Ladies Who Ride than Ladies Who Lunch. Request the company of your favorite fellow filly enthusiast via this simply illustrated note. Our stable or yours?

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