Rainy Day Writing Activities Your Kids Will Love

We’re so excited to welcome guest blogger Mindy Lockard, aka The Gracious Girl, to our humble little space on the World Wide Web. As we mosey on out of April and into May, we thought she would be perfect to share her tips on rainy day activities to do with kids. Enjoy!

It’s said that April showers bring May flowers…

and with all of the rain we’ve had out wet, I mean West, this year…  I’m looking forward to more than just a bouquet come May.

That said, we’ve found a fun way to pass the time inside by showering our loved ones with handmade treasures in the mail.

After all, who doesn’t love a letter in their mailbox?

First things first, gather your supplies. We love using craft paper, markers, crayons, stickers and extra large envelopes.

Oh and don’t forget a sweet little snack to get the creative juices flowing. Like these lemon cookies. Darling.

Next, get creative! Handwritten letters are a gift, and so it’s okay to get creative with your words and the paper you put them on. Letters from the heart, made by hand are a timeless treasure!

Next get writing. Letters can be long or short. Sometimes we ask questions that we hope will prompt a letter in return and other times we just send a quick note to say…

Last but not least, we like to package these notes up in an extra large envelope. A great fun way to add interest to the recipients mailbox. The bigger, the better!

Passing on the tradition of sending sentiments through the Post isn’t just a great way to make a loved one’s day, it’s a fantastic habit to instill in our children for a lifetime of confidence through the handwritten word!

So get out your umbrellas friends and let the showering of handwritten notes begin!

Craving more ways to get kids excited about writing letters? Email our Crane Concierge at concierge@crane.com. 

3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Writing Activities Your Kids Will Love

  1. i have, in my antique shop, a print by maxfield parrish….marked Crane Co, Cleveland, O….with research: 1917-18. It is the “Rubiayat” print. Framed in an exquisite cut-away frame…the print is in pristine shape. I also know that this particular art design was used on Crane Candies’ boxes. Wondering if there is interest amongst the Crane folks for a beautiful art piece.

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