Earth Day Stationery & Gifts You (and the Trees) Will Love

We’re quite proud of the fact that our paper is 100% cotton, especially when Earth Day rolls around each year. So, while you should feel confident you’re doing a little something for the environment every time you purchase our stationery, we thought we’d select a handful of our favorite tree-friendly products just in time for one of our favorite holidays.

We can’t help but want to pack up our picnic basket on a sunny day and head to the nearest field when we see our ecru Dandelion Note featuring a delightful pop of yellow. With a sustainable bottle of wine and locally made Chevre, of course.
Ecru Heavyweight Dandelion Note Card


When you purchase a Bamboo Tornado pen, Retro 1951 donates to the Arbor Day Foundation to help rescue 250 square feet of rain forest and the habitat it protects. We think the pandas would approve.


Retro 1951 Bamboo Tornado penAnimalia
Polyommatus Icarus. The butterfly. According to Japanese lore, this winged kaleidoscope is the personification of one’s soul. Should you find one delicately perched in your room – so the superstition goes — a loved one most special will most surely pay a visit. A lovely note on this card should do the trick, too.


signature stationery butterfly note cardTerra
Get an early start on your holiday preparation, and spread one of our favorite wishes, with one of our favorite holiday greeting cards. Peace on Earth: It’s really what we should wish for all year, don’t you think?

dove peace holiday greeting card

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