Post Script: Liz Richmond, owner of The Paper Bag

Fifteen years ago, Liz Richmond did what most stationery lovers only dream of doing: She bought a stationery boutique. Situated across from an amusement park in Allentown, PA, The Paper Bag has been in business since 1982 (30 years if you’re counting). Richmond joined its staff two years later and has been there ever since. Here, she talks with us about celebratory stamps, Old Money and why she thinks classic correspondence isn’t going anywhere.
Paper Bag owner Liz Richmond


When did your interest in the epistolary world begin?
In 1980, when I worked in a card store.

What do you enjoy most about writing letters?
Thinking about the person as I am writing.

What is your favorite step in the process of written correspondence?
Picking the paper.

If you could be pen pals with anyone in history, who would it be?
Thomas Jefferson.

What makes a particular letter stand out from a stack of cards?
The paper & the envelope — the writing, versus the label.

Do you have a favorite stamp of stamp series?
The “Celebrate” series.

What is your favorite product created by Crane & Co.?
Any engraved piece, and the Old Money paper/notes.

What do you see in the future for handwritten correspondence?
I see it making a comeback. This is one of the reasons we’ve been able to survive 30 years.

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One thought on “Post Script: Liz Richmond, owner of The Paper Bag

  1. Excellent writeup – so happy to know that writing (as opposed to texting and emailing) is a deeply personal connection which requires thought, time, energy and effort. Plus, everyone knows that the heart quickens when a letter arrives in the mailbox… keep up your great work, and wishing you all the best for another 30 years!

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