Etiquette: Save the Date & Reminder Cards

You have the occasion to celebrate, now let’s make sure everyone shows up to join you, shall we?

Holly Golightly Letterpress Wedding Save the Date Save the Date Cards
Also known as hold-the-date cards, these cards are sent to guests who might need advance notification of an event so that they can make special arrangements. They are generally sent when an event is being held at a time when guests might otherwise make plans, such as holiday weekends.

Save-the-date cards ask your guests to set aside that date for your event and are generally sent three to four months before the event. They do not take the place of invitations. The actual invitations are sent at a later date, usually four to six weeks before the event.

Reminder Cards
Reminder cards confirm information regarding your event. You may want to send them when you have sent invitations well in advance of an event or when an invitation was extended by phone. You may also send them, as a courtesy, to the guest of honor. Your reminder cards may be personalized for either a specific event or as non-specific fill-ins. Reminder cards can also be purchased over the counter without personalization.

Invitations with the words “To Remind” written on them can also be used as reminder cards. Since a reminder card does not require a reply, the reply request information should not appear. Reminder cards are sent so that they arrive one week before the event.

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