3 Graduation Announcements & 3 Graduation Cards We Love

Good things come in threes. Especially when it’s a cap, a gown and a diploma.

Here are our three favorite new graduation announcements followed by our three favorite graduation cards.

All you need now is a victory dance.

graduation party invitations

Navy Blue (left) & Gold-framed (right) Photo Finish Graduation Announcements
Done. Finito. Signed, sealed, delivered. It’s time to celebrate. A photo of the new grad (all grown up!) digitally printed on one side, the date when partying shall commence playfully printed on the other (congrats!).


graduation announcementsWith Honors Graduation Announcement
The books are closed, exams graded, summer abroad planned — let’s party, shall we? A letterpress printed invitation with a ribbon (of achievement, of course) detail sets the mood for a celebration of success and new adventures.

graduation greeting cards

Letterpress Multi-Language Graduation Greeting Card
Studies abroad in Paris. Backpacking through Spain. For your well-traveled (or well-dreaming) graduate, we offer this card, engraved with the word “congratulations” in eight different languages.

engraved congratulations graduation greeting cardHand Engraved Graduation Greeting Card
Elation! Fear. Elation! Fear. Ah, to be a new graduate. Let them know you’re oh so proud and optimistic. Now, let’s celebrate, shall we? Card opens to read, “Here’s to the Next Chapter.”

Letterpress Owl Graduation Greeting Card
You had us at winking owl wearing a graduation cap.

Have more questions about graduation card & announcement style or etiquette? Email our Crane Concierge at concierge@crane.com. 

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