Crane & Co. Goes Back to School

Every once in awhile, we get invited to do something truly special for the community.  Last month, that something special was visiting Weisenberg Elementary School in Allentown, PA, where we visited Ms. Holmes’ third grade class to teach them how to write a Thank You Note.

One of our stellar retailers, The Paperbag, set everything up and off we went.

The students had just finished taking their standardized tests, and so Ms. Holmes decided it would be a lovely gesture to send Thank You notes to the “snack moms” who came in and provided Goldfish, GoGurt and other treats to keep them energized during the tests.

We covered the proper Thank You Note format, then the students wrote a rough draft on their notebook paper. After Ms. Holmes checked their work, giving advice on what they might want to add and making sure grammar and spelling was perfect,  we gave each student a Thank You Note (Crane & Co., of course) on which to write their final, perfect message. Some even drew delightful pictures to accompany their notes.

Finally, they addressed their envelopes, placed their stamps perfectly and handed them off to Ms. Holmes for safe mailing.

Before we left, we made sure all of the students had boxes of their own stationery so they could continue to write: one box from our watercolor collage animal series and one The Paperbag created especially for each student, complete with each student’s first initial.

A few days later, we were smitten to find this in our own mailbox:

Thank you to The Paperbag, Ms. Holmes and especially all her students for making us feel so welcome and letting us share our passion with you!

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