Easter Inspiration: Our Favorite Pastel-Hued Stationery Picks

Here comes Peter Cottontail, and our once-a-year craving for pastel hues. Introducing our favorite stationery picks that inspire all things Easter.

mother's day greeting cardsA little shine goes a long way. At least that was Mom’s motto, which is why she’ll love this elegant turquoise card engraved with calligraphic swirls of gold.

pink die cut engagement announcement

Like the antique dresser you adore (grandmother had exquisite taste), this delightfully romantic invitation is distinguished by its charming curved edges, hinting at a most enchanting celebration.

Despite what the song may suggest, we like to think of yellow as anything but mellow. In fact, it kind of makes us want to twirl in the sunshine. Which is why we love this dandelion-hued note. Hand bordered with love, of course.

gray personalized monogram moving announcementWhen you were little, your dream home came with a pet unicorn and a bed made out of candy (Willy Wonka would have approved). Now, it’ll be filled with something sweeter: memories. A handsome monogram sets the tone of this new home announcement. Unicorns are optional.

Yellow and green and blue, oh my! And a little bit of red, too. These delightful Thank You notes remind us of the colored Easter eggs we used to love to find. Though we’d much rather discover the former in our postbox.

Fancy more stationery style suggestions? Email our Crane Concierge at concierge@crane.com. 

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