Seasons Greetings: Our Staff’s Spring-Inspired Picks

Spring is in the air, and we here at Crane & Co. are anxiously awaiting blooming flowers, sundresses and a good old fashioned defrosting. In the meantime, we’ve asked some of our team members what’s getting them to swoon for the new season. Stationery-wise, of course.

Holly Golightly Letterpress Wedding Save the DateWallis, Princess of Public Relations
“One of my best friends recently got engaged so I’m extremely excited about all things related to weddings. These beautiful save the dates are elegant and timeless while also fresh and fun.”

Mint Green Scalloped CardJackie, Monogram Artiste Extraordinaire
“I love this card! It reminds me that spring is around the corner and it is time to correspond with friends.”

gold engraved mailbox notesJudy, Duchess of Design
“Signed, sealed, delivered. These words and the engraved mailbox begs for a thoughtful note that I hope dear friends will cherish. Plus, turquoise happens to be my favorite color, love it paired with the red striped envelope liner.”

spring fling letterpress save the date cardJessica, Empress of Wordlandia
This letterpress design is all spring. Every time I see it, I think about a scene from one of my favorite shows, Portlandia, in which the two main characters put images of birds on everything to make them happier — aptly called “Put a Bird on It.” While it’s totally making fun of this trend of putting birds on everything from greeting cards to pillows, I have to say, putting a bird on something kinda does make it happier. Or, at least it makes me happier.


spring floral invitationEliza, Digital Grande Dame
I love this brand new spring invitation. It’s the perfect combination of cheery and classy, plus it makes me excited about the warm weather to come.

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