Gold Standard: Shiny New Selections From Our New 2012 Stationery Collection

As we excitedly perused our new 2012 stationerycollection, we noticed a trend that the Cleopatras and Usain Bolts in all of us would appreciate. All that glitters is gold, they say, so here are some of our favorite designs that’ll have you positively glowing.

gold engraved tennis racquet notes From the desk of Richie Tenenbaum, or so we like to think. Gold engraved racquets for letters home from summer camp & other heartfelt correspondence.

gold engraved peacock feather notesPlumage perfection in a single feather, engraved in vibrant blues, greens and, of course, gold.

gold engraved frog prince notesSeal it with a kiss. Engraved in gold, a Frog Prince worthy of being received by any royal post.

gold engraved mailbox notes
We happen to think every mailbox should be made out of gold. But a note featuring our favorite sidewalk accoutrement will do just fine.

Gold Foil Stamp Stork Baby Notes
Stork, meet Crane.

gold engraved typewriter notes
For the Joan Harris or Hunter S. Thompson in all of us, notes featuring a gold engraved typewriter.

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