Perfectly Personalized Gifts for the Bride & Groom

Wedding CoupleNot surprisingly, January is considered the beginning of “Wedding Season.” The reason: Many a love-sick beau decides to pop the question during the holidays. While the newly engaged couple is busy planning their upcoming nuptials, we suggest getting a head start on choosing the perfect gift. Engagement party, bridal shower, wedding — you’ve got a lot of wrapping ahead of you. Here are a handful of gift ideas that are perfectly personalized:

Stationery for Him & Her
They’ll be married, but they’ll still be individuals. Personalized stationery with monograms that express their individual style are the perfect gift for the couple who are totally into each other but totally independent, too.

personalized stationery wedding gift

Stationery for the Couple
A lovely dinner party. A note of sympathy. An oh so thoughtful gift. Sometimes sharing the sentiment is a team effort, in which case they’ll need a set of stationery that represents the both of them. Who actually does the writing, well, that’s a question of whose penmanship reigns supreme.couples stationery

Moving Announcements
Whether she’s moving in with him, he’s moving in with her or they’re starting a new life in a new homemoving announcements are in order. Sharing a new address (even if it’s the same for the bride or groom) is a wonderful way for the new couple to introduce their new status and, at the same time, remind loved ones they might need to update their address book. moving announcement



Personalized E-Reader Cases
The couple that reads together stays together. Just not over one another’s shoulder. For the blushing book worm and her page-turning prince, matching e-reader cases monogramed with their initials are a certainly good start to happily ever after.

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