Our Staff’s Favorite Things: Holiday Gifts, Part Two

In Part Two of our “Staff’s Favorite Things” roundup, thick, rich stock and simple luxury are the names of the gift giving game.

letterpress calling cardPeter, Crane & Co. Guru: “A social card letter pressed on extra heavyweight Crane’s Lettra. It starts a conversation every time, and they’ll never lose your number.”

Navy Hand Bordered Ecru NoteAaron, Online Shopping Yoda: “The hand-bordered cards showcase our craftsmanship, while the design remains classic and professional.”

220 Lb Lettra PaperJudy, Duchess of Design: “It’s hands down the best 100% cotton paper, luxurious with the substance to back it up. Doing a watercolor postcard project with this paper is on my list of to-do’s.”

Equestrian Hat and Crop Note CardJessica, Empress of Wordlandia: “I don’t ride horses, but I’m obsessed with equestrian style, and I love the minimalist design of this hat and crop. Understated elegance with a hint of aristocratic kitsch.”

Need more holiday gift ideas? Email our Crane Concierge at concierge@crane.com.

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