Our Staff’s Favorite Things: Holiday Gifts, Part One

Here at Crane & Co., it isn’t unusual to find a staff member taking great pleasure — the kind usually reserved for dark chocolate and Swedish massages — in running their fingers over a newly printed piece of stationery. The thick, 100% cotton stock. The rich ink. The intricately engraved and letter pressed designs. It never gets old.

That said, what one of our Customer Service representatives adores and what a member of our Product Development team loves are as different as ecruwhite and hibiscus. Just in time for the holidays, here are our staff picks:

Pearl White Multi-Lingual Globe Thank You NotesLinda, Life Organizer Extraordinaire: “I love sending and receiving Thank You cards. Even though this card communicates the message in many diverse languages,  the meaning is universally the same.”

Pearl White Notes with Delicate BranchEliza, Fearless Digital Leader: “Simple, subtle, elegant. The exquisite detail of the delicate branch on thick, heavy cotton stock is stunning. I especially love the graceful, gold branch with matching gold envelope liners. I gave my sister a set of this personalized stationery for her birthday this year and a refill is on the top of her Christmas list.“

Engraved Espresso Calling Cards with InitialGreg, Graphic Services Superhero: “This dark espresso card with the light blue engraved or ecru engraved ink has to be my favorite Crane & Co. item because it reminds me of stationery my Grandfather had that I remember seeing when I was a little boy.”

Pearl White Calling Card with Dotted RuleJeri, Master of the Crane.com Product Universe: “A simple little card that holds a lot of information, and I just love the feel of letterpress printing – the deep impression it leaves.”

Hand Engraved Ecruwhite Notes with ButterflyAntoinette, Purveyor of Product Perfection: “The essence of Crane is our ability to connect people — and do it via beautiful papers, fine craftmanship and tasteful design.”

Need more holiday gift ideas? Email our Crane Concierge at concierge@crane.com.

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