The Hands of Crane & Co.: A Photo Essay

Thermograph operator
We are constantly in awe here of the intricate, beautifully hand-crafted work the employees in our printing and stationery factories do day after day. Many of them have been here for decades painting borders by hand, engraving names and images with enviable patience and making sure each and every detail is absolutely perfect before our customers open that Dalton Blue box.

With that in mind, here is a collection of images — taken by our wonderful resident photographer, Trisha — of some of the hands that make such fine craftsmanship possible every day.

Pink ribbon baby announcementAdding the finishing touch — a pink ribbon — to our Ecru White Baby Notes.


Envelope LinersGetting die-cut envelope liners ready to be placed inside our 100% cotton envelopes.

Measuring Duplex Cards

Precision is just one of the details we pride ourselves on, which means each duplexed invitation is hand-measured for a perfect border.


Hand Bordering StationeryThat colorful border you see on each Crane & Co. invitation or note card you receive is lovingly hand-painted by one of our oh-so patient and skilled borderers.

Checking Stationery Alignment

A Crane & Co. employee checks the alignment to make sure all the type on this personalized stationery is equidistant from the edge.


Navy Swiss Dot Belly BandA belly band is carefully placed around a custom-made invitation.

* The first image is of our thermography machine and its operator.

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