Our Halloween Invitations Are Here & They’re Spooktacular

Wet noodles (brains!) and peeled grapes (eyeballs!) used to make us squeal with disgusted delight (okay, maybe they still do). Oh how we loved a cheeky Halloween party.

We still do – even though now we might prefer moonlighting as a Great Gatsby character rather than a ghost wearing our mother’s weathered, daisy-print bed sheet.

But we digress.

Crane & Co. has just added a super ghoul collection of Halloween invitations. Thinking of hosting an oh-so elegant masquerade ball? Covered. An intimate vampire dinner party (we’re suddenly craving blood orange sorbet)? Sounds exquisite. Pumpkin carving followed by pumpkin pie? This Halloween invitation is killer.

Of course, every invitation can be completely personalized to fit your perfect spooky style. Not everyone loves orange borders, after all, and that’s just fine. The design and wording are totally up to you.

That said, we can’t help but share some of our favorite phrases:

“Toxic Brews and Potions”

“Join us if you dare!”

“Get in the spirits”

“Dress to Kill”

Now that you’re in a wonderfully morbid mood, it’s time to shop our Halloween invitation collection.

If you dare… bwahahaha!

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