Crane & Co. + Mother Nature = BFFs


paper cottonAs a famous frog once said, “It isn’t easy being green.”

But we like to think Kermit has since changed his mind. After all, one doesn’t have to stray far from his lily pad to find 7th generation cleansers, recycled paper towels and organic produce.

But enough about what’s under your sink and in your fridge, what about the little luxuries in life you look forward to so much? Being eco-friendly is something Crane & Co. has always prided itself on, and – not to toot our own environmental horn, but, okay, sure — we kind of did it without even knowing it.

Back when breeches and mutton chops were a la mode – 1801 to be exact — Zenus Crane began making paper using recovered cotton and linen fibers.

Allow us to provide you with a brief explanation of the two ways we make 100 percent cotton paper. Don’t worry, there won’t be a quiz at the end, though you might want to tuck this away for future cocktail party fodder:

During the cotton ginning process, the highest quality fibers are chosen to make textiles, but a lot of fiber doesn’t ‘make the cut,’ and that’s where Crane & Co. comes in. We take those leftover fibers, called linters – a name given to the tiny fibers that stick to the cottonseed – and turn them into some mighty fine paper.

The other way we make our paper is by collecting the excess trimmings from cotton broadcloth used for textiles.

During the actual paper-making process, a few details that should inspire sweet dreams in which you’re writing beautiful thank-you notes by the boxful:

* Our wastewater treatment plant makes sure the only thing going in the Housatonic River is the occasional canoe.
* We purchase more than 70 percent of our energy needs from a facility – which we helped create — that burns our papermaking residuals.
* We mix some of our residuals with municipal leaf and lawn waste to make topsoil.
* We’re in the process of developing alternative energy resources, such as a biodiesel facility, biomass energy facility and hydroelectric power plant.

As far as trees, well, they do have their purpose: hanging hammocks, providing picnic shade and accommodating squirrels.

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