Crane & Co.’s New Personalized Stationery Collection: Sneak a Peek

  Christmas in July, at least for paper-philes (and you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t), has arrived. Well, almost. Think of it as New Stationery Eve, as the paper elves have been very busy at Crane & Co. recently, and tomorrow we’ll unveil our new personalized stationery collection.  Yes, like proud expecting parents, we’re a little biased, but we must say, we’re smitten. Ah, there is so much we want to share with you about our new collection, but you’ll just have to block out some quality time to browse it in its entirety yourself. In the meantime, we got a sneak peek (it’s amazing what a box of chocolates and notes gushing with praise can do) of some of our delicious new offerings, and, well, we’re terrible at keeping secrets.

What we can tell you without getting our paper privileges revoked, is that this collection has taken Crane & Co.’s classic hand craftsmanship – which is what we like to think our admirers adore about us the most – and given it a fresh new twist. Not like a laser beams and holograms kind of twist, but rather design offerings that get more personal than ever before – without making you blush, of course.

But enough of being abstract, a few new features you can look forward to in the new stationery collection are:

  • New monograms (hand drawn, of course) that even the most fashion-forward scribe will fall for.
  • Bright, bold new hues for not only the paper itself but the edges as well. Dandelion, Persian blue, hibiscus – we suggest playing ‘She’s a Rainbow’ by the Rolling Stones at full blast when crafting such colorful correspondence.
  • Personal cards (i.e. calling cards) for new moms, singles, artists and anyone else whose networking style is more whimsical than Windsor Knot.

It’s all very exciting, in fact, we’re pretty sure visions of lettering styles and envelope linings will be dancing in our heads tonight. If we can even fall asleep, that is.

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