Crane & Co. Goes Back To School

Picking out the perfect lunch box, the perfect backpack, the perfect first-day outfit. It’s a lot of pressure being a kid, especially when it’s time to go back to school. For us adults, it’s a time with little significance other than the reminder that you’re only going to get colder and busier.

But when you’re a kid — go ahead, close your eyes and reminisce — the first day of school is simultaneously the most frightening and exciting experience of the year (unless of course you’re getting braces put on/taken off). It’s a day that takes, for some, weeks — sometimes months — of preparation.

With pint-sized best interests in mind, Crane & Co. has selected a handful of our favorite back-to-school items. Even better, they’re all 10 percent off until August 31. Pens, journals, desk accessories: Here are the items we think definitely make the grade.

Back in the old days, we used to research our science projects by dragging out gigantic, dusty encyclopedias and sitting in the library for hours (no checking out those puppies). Kids these days — as our grandfather would say — are lucky enough to have information at their fingertips. We love this simple, sturdy iPad cover, which can be personalized with her initials — and as many stickers as she likes, of course.

Everyone knew that girl in school — she always wore the cutest shoes, had the most perfect handwriting and packed the best lunches (Hummus! Mango! Toblerone chocolate!). The kicker: she was also really, really nice. We like to think that girl carries this Kate Spade pencil case, which is equal parts simple, sophisticated and whimsical.

We won’t promise these brightly designed pens will make spelling drills more fun, but they certainly are fun to look at, and use. Just make sure to bring a less exciting writing instrument to lend out to your neighbor — leopard print is for your hands only.

Taking notes, day-dreamy doodling, top secret information for your best friend’s eyes only. Just because members of the younger generation covet their cellphones, iPads and Facebook doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy using good old fashioned pen and paper. We love these personalized journals — so bright, so colorful, so just like the kids in your life.

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