Crane & Co. Visits the New York International Gift Fair


This week the New York International Gift Fair took place, and so we did what anyone enamored with giving (and, we admit, receiving) would do. We went shopping. Or, at least, browsing. Specifically, we looked for items we thought the Crane & Co. Enthusiast would love. Here’s what we found…

These soft leather journals from a company called Nkuku immediately caught our eye because of their simple design and vintage feel. We can just see ourselves pulling it out of our knapsack and scribbling away on a bench in Central Park. We knew there was a reason we were drawn to this particular journal — the pages are made of 100 percent recycled cotton. Remind you of another company?

Is there anything more exciting than receiving a post card from a far off land? Writing one from a far away land, of course! What we love most about these postcards featuring vintage photos — from a French company called Nothing Compares With You — are their miniature size (about as big as a boutonniere). Just a few thoughtful lines between sips of Bordeaux. Ah, correspondence, je t’aime.

When we walked by this booth, we were immediately transported back to grade school, wrapping our text books in brown paper decorated with colorful scribbles and stickers. What we love about these book covers by Say It With Book Covers is that they are completely customizable — a special quote on the spine (or spines), like our favorite, ‘Life Is Short. Eat Dessert First.’ We couldn’t think of a more perfect gift for a book lover.

Like peanut butter and chocolate, gin and tonic, Fred and Ginger, beautiful paper is always better with a beautiful pen. We love a good story (we like to think ours is pretty good, ahem), so we were enchanted with the one behind the Yard-O-Led pen. From Birmingham, England, each instrument is handmade out of sterling silver and marked with a series of symbols. Our favorite is the anchor, which seems like an odd choice considering Birmingham is a land-locked town. It turns out the anchor represents the name of the pub where the pen’s creators met. Delightful, don’t you think?

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