A Wedding Suite Designed to a Tee

When Crane & Co. first caught a glimpse of Melissa and Jerome’s golf-themed wedding suite, our imagination swirled with possible reasons for it: they met on the putting green when she complimented his argyle socks; they played miniature golf on their first date; they both have an affinity for sipping Arnold Palmers.

We could have gone on and on with our amorous theories, but instead we decided to simply ask Melissa herself for a little background on her devastatingly clever invitations.

“We chose Saratoga National Golf Club because it represented Jerome and I so well—modern and bold with endless negative space (however, golf means little to us),” she wrote in an email. “Choosing color was pretty easy. The mile stretch of driving thru the grassy course is all green and once you get into the club the aesthetic changes to deep browns. Why not play to that? Once we chose to play off the golf course (in a subtle way) for the ‘Save the Dates’ we ran with it for the whole year.

A designer and lover of letterpress (“most little girls dream about their gown,” she said, I dreamed of letterpress”), Melissa was the creative mastermind behind her invitations. She did so through her event branding company, Atheneum Creative.

On her Save the Date: “We letterpressed and diecut the card and printed the inside cover pattern on my printer… We created a “JM” logo that will be used throughout the wedding that we used on the card, inside cover pattern and we even created a rubber stamp for the outside wrapping.”

On the invitations: “After the great response to our golf tee save-the-dates, we wanted to keep the same aesthetic for the invitation (while evolving it to be more subtle and elegant). Simplifying the argyle pattern to a quilted pattern still gives us a sense of the diamond argyle without being too heavy. The actual invite sits on a digitally printed card of a golf course, die cut to hold the invite in place. By bringing in the digital print it gave just enough color to offset the whiteness of the letterpress and reinforce the golf aesthetic.”

And finally, on choosing Crane: “What else is there 🙂 … Crane is the best, everyone knows it… and I always knew I would print with it for my own stationery. I remember getting my hands on a Lettra promotion a few years back and I knew I would use it for my wedding suite… and tell everyone else to use it!”

Thanks for sharing your story, Melissa, now onto the really good stuff…

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