‘Z’ Marks the Spot On These Bold Bar Mitzvah Invitations

We love when a simple detail turns into brilliant design. Which was exactly the case with Ram, who works at one of our favorite NYC stationery boutiques, Blacker and Kooby, and likes to push the creative envelope (no pun intended).

When Zachary came in with his family to order Bar Mitzvah invitations (mazel tov, Zachary!), one idea was to use a picture of him as the focal point of the invitation. But that idea was nixed (we don’t have a photo of ourselves we’d want on people’s refrigerators, either), and instead, Ram honed in on one – okay, two – details instead.

Zach’s (we can call you Zach, right?) birthday is 9/10/11, so Ram suggested the invite feature the unique date prominently, along with Zach’s first name initial – perhaps the coolest letter of the alphabet, ‘Z.’

Few colors could stand up to such a bold design (sorry, pastel yellow), and so they went with Navy blue.

The flood and design were digitally printed, then laminated to an engraved text card.

Ram said he chose Crane & Co. to print the invitations because he likes our thick stock (we work out regularly), and because our engraving looks more natural and much neater than anybody else. Thanks for the compliment Ram, we’re totally smitten with you, too.

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