Crane Sale Helps Elevate The Personal Brand

Young folks just starting out can use a little outside help to begin establishing that all-important personal brand that will carry them through the rest of their lives. They’ve been in school since they were little, surrounded by their peers, parents and teachers. Sure, there have been summer jobs and community service work, but it’s a whole different world out there now.

One of the best building blocks for a successful personal brand is how you look on paper – really. Not how you look on a computer monitor – although that’s certainly an important element – but how you compose yourself and how you present yourself on paper.

The thank-you note. The personal card. The note of congratulations or the note of condolence. Not the thank-you email. Not the soggy cocktail napkin. Not the drugstore card.

This summer, Crane is making its contribution to the personal brand by offering stationery that is both beautiful and affordable.

For a limited time, Crane is offering 50 pieces of personalized stationery with matching envelopes for only $59. Here are some of the styles offered.

To see all the stationery styles available to elevate your own personal brand – or that of a young grad you might know – click here.



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