Exploring Stationery Design Excellence

I have mentioned previously that every time I stroll through Crane’s printing facility – lithography, thermography, engraving and letterpress – I see at least one piece of stationery that makes me pause and admire. Beginning today, we will be selecting and showing you customers’ personalized notes, cards, announcements and invitations that make us pause and admire. We’ll be pulling them (with permission, of course) from the printing facility, but we’d also like to see the creative and beautiful ways you’ve used our paper. And we’d love to hear what’s called “the back story.”

Who created the design?

Which Crane retailer did you work with?

What was the inspiration?

What was the event?

Please send along photos and your story to stories@crane.com.

We’re giving away a free Air Mail Journal for every submission we receive. You can view this journal here.

By way of disclaimer, by sending this information, you are giving Crane permission to publish.

Our first design is a business card for professional photographer Gail Goodwin in northern California. Gail is one of the artists Papyrus uses for its greeting cards. The card was designed at the Corte Madera Papyrus store. It is digitally printed on Crane card stock.

Can you imagine a tea party with this crew?





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