BlueBook App Goes Mobile!

I’ve been having a great time with Crane’s new BlueBook app for Facebook. I’ve tossed a Caps Bomb, lobbed a couple of Golden Childs and threw a few Chatterboxers. Even while on the go!

For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, here’s the drill. We borrowed a page from our very own Blue Book and adapted it for the digital age. You can find the app here.

The BlueBook app aggregates all your friends’ status updates into a master list so you can easily tag a friend’s status update and “throw” any of the fun and visually iconic BlueBooks at them. BlueBooks range from congratulatory to gently critical, and there’s a BlueBook for almost every situation.

Friends receive news that they’ve been “BlueBook’d” in their news feed and can now throw the book at others in their friends list. When individuals “Like” the BlueBook app, a regular Today’s Tip with fun etiquette anectdotes will appear in your news feed. BlueBook users with the most participation will receive virtual rewards as well as promotional gifts from Crane, such as discounts and stationery gift packs.

The BlueBook app works beautifully on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch to you can throw the book at your friends and be a moving target at the same time.

Join the fun and pass the word.

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