365 Weddings: Fluorescent White Embassy Folder

No 19

Design Details: Fluorescent White Lettra Pocket Folder, blind-embossed and letterpressed with Amethyst ink. Typestyles are Colonial Script and Cromwell.
Inside: Fluorescent White Lettra Reception Card and return envelope, letterpressed with Amethyst ink. Typestyles are Colonial Script and Cromwell. Fluorescent White Lettra Embassy Invitation Card, letterpressed with Amethyst ink. Typestyles are Colonial Script and Cromwell. Floral motif MOT894A.

Peggy Wong’s Delightful Details

I had seen mock-ups and low-resolution images of the letterpress notes Peggy Wong was designing for Crane’s STUDIO collection. But it wasn’t until the National Stationery Show that I was able to fully appreciate the delightful little details that command you to touch and look closely. The photos that follow have been shot in close-up mode, so you can appreciate the details in teeny tiny type.

365 Weddings: Ecru Letterpress With Couple’s Duogram

For those of you unfamiliar with the 365 Weddings project, I’ve been regularly posting photographs of some of my favorite Crane wedding papers with the ultimate goal of 365 – hence the name. With today’s entry, I’m up to 18.

Here are the design details: Crane’s Embassy Invitation (5 1/2 by 7 1/2), letterpressed on ecru heavyweight Lettra paper (LWC9326). Fonts are Coronet and Citadel Script with black ink. The duogram is Crane style LWM439AC.

For a Crane retailer nearest you, click here. Or you may purchase online here.

Semi-Annual Clearance Sale Announced

Crane’s Semi-Annual Clearance Sale is under way. You can save up to 60% on stationery, gifts, accessories and more. Quantities are limited, so dive in! Here are a few that I’m going to snag:


Studies Say Technology Basically Frying Our Brains

There is a major piece in today’s New York Times detailing scientific studies that say our love affair with instant information technology is befuddling our brains, resulting is a wide range of mental afflictions.

Here’s a link to the article. The story can be deeply disturbing for many reasons, not the least of which is the realization that this may mean you, a family member or a close friend. I’m betting we all know someone impacted by this flood of information that has outpaced the ability of our brain to process.

As sidebars, there are opportunities to test your own ability to focus. I did really well on one; the other? Not so much.

Time to sit down and write a couple of letters.

Stationey to Celebrate Preppy Handbook Sequel

Muffy and Biff are dancing for joy with the news that there will be a sequel to The Official Preppy Handbook.

True Prep is scheduled to be published in September, just as the nation’s prepsters head back to school.

So, aside from a turned-up collar and penny loafers (no socks!) what would the well-turned-out preppy covet most? Here are some thoughts:



And for the ladies:

Merchandising Windows at the National Stationery Show

The walk around the Crane booth at the National Stationery Show has become known as the Fifth Avenue of Stationery. Every few feet, decorative windows show off all that’s new at Crane and how these new papers can be merchandised in stores around the country. Here are some of this year’s windows. The displays are behind glass, so the photography doesn’t do them full justice.