New Engraved Initial Notes Offered

 Stationery designers find their inspiration from many sources. It may be nature; it may be fashion; it may be history, textures – you name it. Good designers can find inspiration almost everywhere and use their creative energies to produce truly beautiful products.

But all too often, stationery designers ignore what’s going on around them when seeking inspiration. There is no real-time or real-world context. It’s just beautiful art that is transformed into gorgeous stationery.

Here at Crane, we are expanding our stationery design creativity to include inspiration from real-life events; occasions of merit; things that are happening now. It allows us to be nimble and responsive to the fast-paced world in which we live.

The first fruits of these artistic endeavors is a new set of gold engraved initial notes. Simple, straightforward and elegant. Despite having a slightly narrower consumer appeal, stationery stores will love them. You only have to carry one SKU. We were going to wait until the National Stationery Show in May to make this introduction, but we must be nimble.

Introducing the Vice Presidential Gold Engraved Initial Note:

If you would like a set of Joe Biden Initial Notes for your Aunt Fannie, Uncle Frank or Sister Frederica, please let me know below.

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