Which Item of Stationery Was Crane’s 2009 Best-Seller?

I could tell you, but that wouldn’t be much fun. So, I’ll show you the six top-selling pieces of Crane’s boxed stationery and see if you can put them in proper order, from 1 to 6. Here are the entries:


Before we get to the rules, what do you see in these top-sellers?
I see a clear reflection of the times:
  • We’re going back to the basics; back to solid ground (above are the little black dresses and navy blue blazers of the stationery world).
  • We are thankful and aren’t afraid to express ourselves. We may have fewer things for which to be thankful, so each occasion to say thanks is cherished.
  • There are too many people looking for jobs. Those who are job-hunting recognize that presenting yourself to a prospective employer on 32-pound Crane’s Kid Finish establishes the foundation for a memorable first impression.
  • We’re saving some money and enjoying the company of friends and family by entertaining at home.
As promised, here are the rules. Leave a comment to this post, putting the entries in order from 1-6. I will draw from all those with the correct answer. The winner will receive one box each of the top-sellers. The contest will end Wednesday, March 10 at midnight. I will announce the winner in a post next Thursday.
And don’t forget, tomorrow is Freebie Friday, when I’ll offer another chance to win Crane stationery.

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