Free Crane Stationery – Unique Collection Available!

As regular readers of this blog are aware, I take a lot of photographs of stationery. But what happens with all that 100% cotton engraved, letterpress beauty once digitally captured? To be honest, it hangs around in my photo studio anxiously awaiting the Annual Crane Insider Stationery Wardrobe Giveaway.

I’ve got to move this merchandise to get ready for the Annual Onslaught of January Introductions.

Here’s what I have to offer – for free! There are notes, cards, invites, greeting cards, envelopes, place cards, etc.. Pretty much one of each to comprise exactly a Boat Load. But wait! There’s more! I’ll even toss in a box of these.

I also have a bunch of personalized stationery samples if you want to assume multiple identities, but I’ll leave that for later.

Just leave a comment below, telling me why you really want, can’t live without, or just want to see what’s in the the ACISWG.

The giveaway will officially end, appropriately, at midnight on Black Friday. I will announce the winner shortly thereafter, so stay tuned. Here’s a look at the ACISWG:

Good Luck!

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