Bringing Back Correspondence with Elle and Maggie


By Guest Blogger
Mindy Lockard
Manner of the Month

Ty’s parents are gone for the month. We miss them because they are wonderful people and because they are hands-down our best babysitters! Today two letters arrived in the mail, one for each girl. The short letters shared tales of their adventures and sweet sentiments of missing us.

The girls without a poke, prod, or firm suggestion got out their personal stationery and with their very best simple sentence structure, limited vocabulary, and pictures were responding to the letter the best way they knew how. They didn’t worry about the notes being perfect, they simply wanted to respond.

Yes, we could have saved time and money by sending over an e-mail, picking up our cell phones or skyping. All of which we can do. But instead we shared a longstanding tradition: pen to paper and heart to heart!

Some say handwritten correspondence is a dying art. To save this beautiful gesture, I ask you to join me. Here’s how. The next time you have the urge to send an e-mail telling someone how much they mean to you or just to say “hi”, get out your stationery instead. Trust me, not only will you pleasantly surprise the recipient, you may even surprise yourself with how beautiful it feels to extend such a gracious act. Truly. If you should need help, I’m on my way armed with a gracious living defibrillator and a few Justin Timberlake moves ready to bring correspondence back!!


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