Countdown to Father’s Day: Idea #1

If you haven’t started thinking about what to give Dad for his special day, here is the first in a series of ideas running up to June 21.

Don’t forget that through the end of June, when you buy 75 pieces of personalized stationery, invitations or announcements, you get an additional 25 free. Visit Crane’s website to purchase or to find an authorized retailer nearest you.

These pearl white correspondence cards are hand bordered in black. Select your monogram style to be engraved in your choice of ink color. Matching lined envelopes are included with your personalized stationery. Reusable engraving die(s) included. Fifty engraved cards and lined envelopes for $265. Optional return address an additional charge.

Or, if your budget doesn’t allow for engraved stationery:

Ecruwhite Kid Finish® correspondence cards with a hand-applied black border. An elegant and professional way to frame your message. The matching envelopes are lined with a black and ecruwhite pinstripe as an impressive finishing touch. Home computer printable. Ten cards and ten envelopes for $19.




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