Last Sneak Peek Before the National Stationery Show

 There are so many things to do tomorrow before catching the train to the city on Saturday, that I’m going to wrap up our exclusive sneak peeks at Crane stationery debuting at the National Stationery Show.

I’m chickening out on making a single pick for the best-selling holiday card this season. Too many opportunities to be wrong, so I thought I’d even out the odds just a little. So, without further waffling, here are my top three picks.

And here’s the dark horse: Rounded edge, gold foil, printable menu cards. These are a budget-friendly way to dress up any dinner table – even an intimate dinner for two. They come in white and ecru, with either gold or silver foil – 25 for $26. The example shown below was printed on my little Epson inkjet. They have an imprintable finish and are made with 64-pound paper. One cautionary note. You can’t put cardstock like this through an all-in-one printer. You need to have a printer that feeds from top to bottom without sharp turns. You will probably waste a couple until you get the hang of getting them started in your printer, but it is way worth it!

Once the word gets out – and it will at the Stationery Show – these cards will sell like hotcakes (with real Vermont Maple Syrup)! See you at the show.


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