New kate spade Gift Sets for the New Year


Continuing with our look at stationery styles for the New Year, today I’ve got a couple of brand new gift sets from Crane’s kate spade collection. Kate has a wonderful sense of style and design, which I guess comes as no surprise to most of you, and I love her whimsical way with words.

First is the all-occasion gift set (actually five occasions, but who’s counting?) with three each of five designs, all tucked in a neat and organized box.

Text reads:

Outside: A Round of Applause
Inside: Congratulations

Outside: The Icing on the Cake
Inside: Happy Birthday

Outside: I Heard You Were Under the Weather
Inside: Get Well Soon

Outside: For No Particular Reason
Inside: Hello

Outside: You Read My Mind
Inside: Thank You

Next is a very cool Bon Voyage fold-over boxed set. The collection includes 12 notes, with six red and six blue envelopes, and three each of the four designs shown below:

These gift sets will be in stores and online in February.


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