Crane Stationery Collections for the New Year

Just about this time every year, I get the first copy of Crane’s annual boxed stationery catalog. Just a heads-up: Don’t ask me for one; it’s a wholesale catalog, which means that the new items displayed will be in stores and online in February.

As we’re all looking forward to the New Year, I figured it would be fun to show you some of the cool designs for 2009. We’ll start off today with three new collections: Lace, Tea and Safari. All three collections include folded notes, thank-you notes, boxed gift sets and imprintable invitations to create an entire stationery wardrobe.

Lace is presented in Moonstone Grey and Pearl White with delicate hand-engraved stitchery. The Tea set is steeped in jewel tones and teams with scrollwork details crafted in gold foil. Safari features exotic animal prints letterpressed on Crane’s naturally neutral shades.





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