Crane Launches Greeting Card Line in the New Year

It’s like Christmas all year ’round!

Every so often, a package arrives from Crane with samples of new boxed or personalized stationery. I’m on the “advance” list, which means I get to see what’s coming ahead of their introduction to the market. So, rather than be stingy with this inside information, I’ll share with you some new items coming to a stationer near you early next year.
Crane is introducing a new line of letterpressed and engraved greeting cards to celebrate a host of life’s events. Here are some of the designs:

Clockwise from top left: Be Happy, Happy Birthday, You Can Have Your Cake, and Happy Birthday.

Clockwise from upper left: “A little bird” Happy Birthday, “Put on your party hat” Happy Birthday, Thinking of You, and Best wishes on your wedding day.
Here’s my favorite, engraved in gold and red:

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