Holiday Gift Guides Make Seasonal Recommendations

Every year I get calls from magazine editors asking for samples or photos of Crane stationery and accessories for their holiday gift guides. I was mulling over if there might be some trends over the years, but struggled to find any. But then it occured to me that I was taking the wrong perspective.

These editors are the arbiters of taste and style for their readers. They are mostly young, having grown up in the computer age, and they recognize that fine stationery, printed and written invitations and complementary lifestyle accessories are important to them and to their readers. It’s not just pretty pictures. It’s good solid advice from those in the know.
I was away for a few days and upon my return, there were several magazines in the mailbox featuring Crane products. In this batch there seems to be a preference for kate spade products.
Here are the most recent:

Philadelphia Style magazine with Crane’s Cartography Notes.

Canadian House & Home magazine with, clockwise from top, kate spade word place cards, kate spade vintage cocktails invitation, Crane’s Aqua Squiggle Printable Invitation, Crane’s Regency Stars Thank You Note, and kate spade lobster printable invitation.Lucky Magazine and kate spade playing cards.

Scottsdale Magazine and top, kate spade letterpressed elephant calling card; bottom, kate spade letterpressed awning stripe calling card.


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