Inc. Magazine Profiles Crane & Co.

The October issue of Inc. Magazine contains an extensive feature on Crane & Co. as told by its CEO Charlie Kittredge. Charlie was interviewed by writer Adam Bluestein earlier this year for this recurring feature. I got in a quick snapshot of Charlie during a photo session at Crane.
Here is Adam’s introduction:
Everyone knows we’re moving toward a paperless world, right? Well, not so fast. One of the oldest names in papermaking, Crane & Co., best known for its high-end stationery, is literally printing money. The company, based in Dalton, Massachusetts, and run by the same family since its founding in 1801, has a lucrative contract to manufacture currency paper for the U.S. Treasury and print money for countries such as Sweden, Saudi Arabia, and India. And by adapting papermaking technology to create a range of new products, it has moved into markets as diverse as energy, environmental services, and office furnishings. CEO Charles Kittredge talks about Crane’s 200 years of winning bets and his strategy for the next hundred.

Here’s a linkto the online version.

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