Dining Etiquette: Corn on the Cob


I have my Google Reader set to all sorts of key words, and one of them is “etiquette.” It’s an interesting read each morning and afternoon, and such was the case today when I noticed a post from Sandra Muskopf-Hyde of the Etiquette School of Ohio.

She has lots of good advice, but the etiquette of eating corn on the cob was very timely for Grandpa Petey who recently handed the little guy his first ear of corn.

Sandra’s sage advice includes:

“Corn on the cob should only be served at casual dining settings.”

“Hold the corn firmly by the ends with two hands.”
Gave it a shot

“Eat a few rows from left to right.”
Not happenin’

“Eat as neatly as you can without making loud gnawing or gnashing sounds.”
Not even close

“Remember to wipe your mouth with your napkin after setting the cob of corn down.”
Face vigorously wiped with bib after denuded cob thrown on floor




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