Friday Eye Candy – Christmas in July

I just got my personalized holiday albums from Crane and wanted to share with you some of the sure-to-be favorites for the holiday season. At least I think so…

Crane holiday cards are in such demand that they keep the engraving presses running every day, all year ’round. It’s weird to walk in the engraving facility and see these beautiful cards emerging from the presses either on a cold January morning or a sweltering July afternoon. Most are multi-colored, so they require a separate pass through the press for each color. And then another for the “bump” that adds a handful of three-dimensional character.

And here’s a gentle nudge to plan early this year. Personalized holiday cards are 10 percent off until Oct. 27.

Top left: Wisemen . Top right: Laser cut Fruitful Tree.
Bottom left: Fall Wreath. Bottom right: Festive Palm.

Top left: Nutcracker . Top right: Skating in the Park (I love this one!).
Bottom left: Skating Penguins. Bottom right: World of Peace.


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