The Birthday Baby; The Perfect Toy

Did I mention I’m a grandfather?

Even though friends assure me that I’m much too young to have a grandchild, young William Porter Hopkins has been around for just a year now. St. Wendy the Patient and I are reveling in our new roles, eagerly anticipating each visit.

The little guy was here this past weekend and we had a great time celebrating his birth date. Parents Sam and Jen are convening the clans next weekend for the formal first-birthday party, and Wendy is off to find the perfect toy for the occasion.

During his most recent visit, William found what he considered the perfect toy – a plastic cooler. Just the right height to pull himself up on and bang with a couple of wooden spoons. Just light enough to push around as he learns to walk. Four cup-holders to hold limes to be tossed around the kitchen. And just the perfect size to climb into.


One of my favorite stationery categories is Birth Announcements. Having The Young One around the house for a few days prompted me to review some of my favorites.

Top left: Polka Dot with ribbon. Top right: kate spade Elephant Tower. Bottom left: Animal Parade. Bottom right: kate spade Hedge Hog Family.



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